Are you in need of a temporary place to park your domain name? You just found the domain name you want, and you have registered it, now what? Well you need to build a site? How long will that take? Well we can't answer those questions for you, but we can provide a place to park that domain name until you get it figured out.

We can put you in touch with one of our affiliates that can design and implement a website for you. If you are a website designer and are in need of a temporary parking space for you customers domain, become an affiliate and you can park your domains here.

Why ParkMyDomain.ca?

Because we park your domain for a low cost and provide a "Web Page" to display your site information. You can use it as a business card, an informational tool, to provide updates, but in essence it is a placeholder for the full site that is being worked on, and can be a great temporary fix until the site is done.

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Business Strategies

What is Park My Domain? Why would anyone need it?

Let me try to explain. When you register a domain name, it needs to point to an address, much like your home or business address so the computers that are online know where to go when the click on www.yourdomain.com. You don’t want someone to click on the domain name, and find nothing or page not here, and potentially lose your visitors or your customers.

What ParkMyDomain does for you is allow you domain to still be active and to have content even when your site is being built, overhauled or repaired. In addition we provide a small web package (a web page) that can provide information, logo’s, or other content (or whatever you wish). This way your site will never be completely down and when someone types in www.yourdomain.com, they are still directed to a web page.

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Latest news

SVS Designs, an independent CAD Designer parked their domain here.

Hudlin Global Media officially opened "ParkMyDOmain.ca" as a temporary parking lot for their customers and made it available to others for a nominal fee. Click here to find out more!.

The concept of a parking lot for domains in temporary flux was created.